Mit Bryst – My Breast

For those we lost and for those who stayed

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About the Wall of BreastCancer

About the Founder


Helle Høvelskov founder of the Public Art Event - Wall of BreastCancer. She is the mother of 3, and worked as a pharmacist, a mentor and a lifecoach. As a pharmacist, she has worked research about breast cancer, as a coach, she has helped many people cope with their life, and as an artist, she works as a conseptual artist In 2012 she had a vision about creating a hugh piece of art work showing 1300 breast casts to visualize how many women who dies from breast cancer each year in Denmark. She uses the public art work to create attention about breast cancer. The work is created with love for life and the women has donated beatiful casts to make sure that we need to stick together to fight cancer The project has helped many women to work on their new life in connection with the disease. It makes a difference when we stand together. The artproject has no FINANCIAL SUPPORT and is driven by Helles own funds and volunteers.

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Everything starts with an idea

Everything starts with an idea

Apr 26, 2016 | No Comments

In 2011 I got this strange idea about creating a piece of art which will reach out to all of us. I wanted to bring the audience inside of the work. In Denmark 1300 women dies from breast cancer and that is the number I wanted to show. 1300 diffrent breast casts and every woman […]

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