What Is It All About

The Wall of BreastCancer is an public art event that is about to visualize the number of women who dies from breast cancer. In Denmark it is 1,300 women who die from breast cancer each year and therefor this is the goal to reach. This is the reason we sell each piece for 1300 dkr. and donate 25 % to the danish cancer organisation.

Different women make a breast casts of their one breast, which they subsequently decorate as they want, and then they DONATE it to the Wall Of BreastCancer
Each smal piece are numbered and included in the exhibition.

One could say it’s a project about women, for women who must give back to the women.By letting women make a cast of only their one breast appears simultaneously solidarity with the many women who live with one or no breasts. It is like that together we create a wall of breast casts in memory of the women who lost the fights for cancer and in respect for those who survives cancer