Everything starts with an idea

In 2011 I got this strange idea about creating a piece of art which will reach out to all of us. I wanted to bring the audience inside of the work.

In Denmark 1300 women dies from breast cancer and that is the number I wanted to show. 1300 diffrent breast casts and every woman will only make one to sympathies with those women who have lost one or both of their breasts.

1300 is many an i dont know that many women. But i 2012 i made one cast ant startede to talk to women i knew and after a few months I had my first exhibiton. 25 Breast casts and a workshop so women could make one them self.

I did not have money for advertisment  so I use facebook to meet new women and to find new places to have an exhibition.

Thats was in 2012. My first year i got 150 breast casts.



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