About the WOB

A public Art Event – Wall of BreastCancer
Even though it is new a Public art event it has all ready visit 20 Cities in Denmark and 1 in Greenland.
In the moment there has been created 530 Breast casts from different women.

Who is The Wall of BreastCancer ?
MB2012 is the worldwide owner of the Wall of BreastCancer (Mit Bryst) brand, trademarks and other intellectual property. We have our home in Alleroed north from Copenhagen.

Why Breasts

Our Breasts means a lot to all of us, not only the sexual attraction, but it is also where we have received our first nourishment. So it matters to our motherhood , our femininity and losing a breast is a big dent in one’s identity.

The Breast tells stories. And we want to share the stories, to bring out awarnes and remember every one to enjoy life and lives fully.

Who are the Creators of the small pieces
It is the ordinary woman, your mother, your sister, your wife, collegue. It is the older woman or the very young. It is women with big Breast or women who have lost one. It is for ALL. Even you.
The women are from everywhere. Some are an artist, some have never done anything like this before. Some have had cancer, and some dont. Some women have lost a mother or sister or even their breast to cancer.
Some wants to supports their friend with cancer. Some use it as a event for the network group so have a topic.

Many women find it very it transboundary to show their breast. But when the see the exhibition they see that the painting cover up a lot. Suddenli its not their breast anymore, but its a story, a piece of art, or something that fit with the rest. And basic the women who made one, have a courage to do it anyway.
So YOU can be a part of the event too. Click here to contact us today

We benefit Cancer organisations.
The art is for women, about women and there for should bring something back to the women we are talking about.So we want to benefit different cancer organisations, who works for creating a better life for women and their familys.

Bring The Wall of BreastCancer to your city.
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