Meet the women

… or a least some of them.

In this moment 530 breast Casts has been created by all kind of wmone through out in Denmark.
This Event is for every woman who wants to bring awarenes about BreastCancer. The women who have all ready donated a Breast Cast are the ordinary ones like your mother, your sister, your wife, collegue.
It is the older woman or the very young. It is women with big Breast or women who have lost one. It is for ALL. Even you.
The women are from everywhere. Some are an artist, some have never done anything like this before. Some have had cancer, and some dont. Some women have lost a mother or sister or even their breast to cancer.
Some wants to supports their friend with cancer. Some use it as a event for the network group so have a topic.


Workshop for a Tv Program Tv Lorry

bredgade og dbo

Danish Breast Cancer organisation


a new breast cast

julie og mitbryst alt for damerne

meeting new women

hanne og mit bryst

Visit an local artist

i phone 043

Workshop in Farum


the very first workshop in copenhagen

From Gallery Koks in Randers

workshop with Cancer Organisation


Having fun and ran for BreastCancer